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Kalinka Russian Cuisine

We specialize in Russian cuisine. We are always open for lunch and dinner. We serve amazing Russian dishes and of course Borscht! Russian breakfast is coming soon.

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Kalinka Russian Cuisine would be honored to provide our services for your next event. Each event is bespoke to your tastes and needs, to provide the best experience possible for you and your guests.

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Happy Hour! 1/2 of select wines!
02:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Different types of small salads and red dip


Established in 2018.

My name is Tigran Elchyan and I’m the chef and owner of Kalinka Russian Cuisine. I've been working as a cook my whole life and I do love it! Kalinka Russian Cuisine is the first restaurant I've owned. I’ve put all my knowledge and passion into it! I make the best Russian food for you right here in LA.

We serve an amazing Russian dishes and of course Borscht!

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1714 Victory Boulevard
Glendale, CA


Closed on January 1st